Song Laboratory at the Raymond G. Perelman
Center for Cellular & Molecular Therapeutics

Song Lab

The long-term goal of the lab is to elucidate the cellular and molecular basis governing the formation, maintenance and function of neural circuits under physiological and pathological conditions, using both fly and mammalian models.

With a background in neural development, neural circuits and behavior, fly and mouse genetics, injury and neurodegeneration models, our lab offers a unique skillset to achieve this goal.

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Recent Publications

Selected publications from the Song Lab

Biallelic loss-of-function variants in NUP188 cause a recognizable syndrome characterized by neurologic, ocular and cardiac abnormalities

Muir AM, Cohen JL, Sheppard SE, Guttipatti P, Lo TY, Weed N, Doherty D, Fagerberg C, Kjærsgaard L, Larsen MJ, Wemmenhove-Lohner K, Hirsh Y, Zeevi DA, Zackai EH, Bhoj E, Song Y*, Mefford HC* (2020). Am J Hum Genet In press. (*Co-corresponding author).

The microtubule regulator ringer functions downstream of the RNA repair/splicing pathway to promote axon regeneration

Monahan Vargas, EJ*, Matamoros AJ*, Qiu J*, Jan CH, Qin Wang, Gorczyca D, Han TW, Weissman JS, Jan YN, Banerjee S and Song Y (2020). Genes Dev Feb 1;34(3-4):194-208.

The mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo inhibits axon regeneration

Song Y*, Li D, Farrelly O, Miles L, Li F, Kim SE, Lo TY, Wang F, Li T, Thompson-Peer KL, Gong J, Murthy SE, Coste B, Yakubovich N, Patapoutian A, Yang X, Rompolas P, Jan LY, Jan YN* (2019). Neuron April 17;102(2):373-389. (*Co-corresponding author).

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Glial metabolic reprograming promotes axon regeneration and functional recovery in the central nervous system

Li F, Sami A, Slattery K, Qiu J, Groves T, Wang S, Veerasammy K, Chen YX, Morales J, Hanes P, Sehgal A, He Y, Li S*, and Song Y*. In revision.


  • April 30th 2020: Pavi just received the John C. Makris Award for outstanding academic and research performance, and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society! Big congrats, Pavi!
  • April 17th 2020: Geena just won the BBB Eliot Stellar Prize for best oral presentation of an honors thesis! Congrats and well done, Geena!
  • March 4th 2020: The Nup188 story that we contributed to has been accepted by the American Journal of Human Genetics! Well done, Pavi and Emily!
  • December 10th 2019: Our ringer paper just got accepted in Genes & Development. Well done everyone!
  • October 11th 2019: Emily passed her Proposal! Well done!
  • June 3rd 2019: Samantha Fallacaro (Neuroscience@Carnegie Mellon) joins the lab for the Penn SUIP, welcome!
  • March 18th 2019: Another support from the Roberts Functional Genomics Rapid Grant!
  • March 4th 2019: Shuchao Wang, a visiting student from Xiangya Medical School Central South University, joins the lab. Welcome!
  • February 22nd 2019: Thank the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation for supporting our SCIRTS grant!
  • February 13th 2019: Geena Jung (BBB @ Penn) starts her intern in the lab. Welcome!
  • January 16th 2019: Our Piezo and regeneration paper is finally accepted by Neuron!
  • November 12th 2018: Kamran Elahi (BBB @ Penn) starts his independent study in the lab. Welcome!
  • November 5th 2018: Dr. Qin Wang officially starts in the lab. Welcome!
  • September 4th 2018: Dr. Andrew Matamoros officially starts in the lab. Welcome!
  • July 23rd 2018: Zizhuo Liang (Dock Mennonite Academy) starts his summer internship in the lab. Welcome!
  • July 15th 2018: Our regeneration project gets funded by the NINDS!
  • July 9th 2018: Xiyu (Steven) Zhou (Strath Haven High School) starts his summer internship in the lab. Welcome!
  • June 25th 2018: Jingyun Qiu joins the lab today. Welcome!
  • May 30th 2018: Luis Felipe Carvao (BBB @ Penn) starts his summer internship in the lab. Welcome!
  • May 7th 2018: Shannon Trombley (University of Pittsburgh) starts her summer internship in the lab. Welcome!
  • March 26th 2018: Our work on fly models of human neurodevelopmental disorders is supported by the Genomic Forefront Award from Roberts Collaborative for Genetics and Individualized Medicine.
  • March 15th 2018: Thank Wings for Life - Spinal Cord Research Foundation for supporting our work on axon regeneration!
  • Dec 1st 2017: Thank the Roberts Functional Genomics Rapid Grant for supporting our fly models of human neurodevelopmental disorders!
  • Nov 10th 2017: Leann won the Kate Ferguson First Place in Poster Award in Biochemistry. Congrats!
  • Oct 16th 2017: Ernest received the T32 Predoctoral Training Program Award in Developmental Biology. Congrats!
  • Aug 29th 2017: Chuxi Wang (Biotechnology @ Penn) joins the lab for her independent study. Welcome, Chuxi!
  • Aug 25th 2017: Lilian Zhang (Grier School) starts her summer internship in the lab. Welcome!
  • May 19th 2017: Leann and Ernest successfully defended their prelim. Well done!
  • May 17th 2017: Carolyn Chow (BBB @ Penn) joins the lab for her undergraduate research. Welcome, Carolyn!
  • December 27th 2016: Thank CHOP Pilot Grant for the generous support!
  • December 6th 2016: Leann officially joined the lab for her graduate thesis research!
  • December 5th 2016: Dr. Feng Li officially starts in the lab. Welcome, Feng!
  • November 25th 2016: Dr. Ang Li, faculty from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Institute of CNS Regeneration (GHMICR), Jinan University, China, is visiting us. Welcome, Ang!
  • November 23rd 2016: Pavithran Guttipatti (Biochemistry @ Penn) joins the lab for his undergraduate research. Welcome, Pavi!
  • October 17th 2016: Leann Miles (BMB @ Penn) starts her rotation in the lab. Welcome!
  • September 6th 2016: Dr. Dan Li officially starts in the lab. Welcome!
  • September 1st 2016: Ernest officially joined the lab for his graduate thesis research!
  • August 15th 2016: Emily and Jessica officially start today!
  • August 1st 2016: Dr. Dan Li is joining the lab in August. Welcome, Dan!
  • July 30th 2016: Emily Lo (Bioengineering @ Temple) will be joining the lab for her graduate thesis in August. Welcome, Emily!
  • July 29th 2016: Jessica Goldshteyn will be joining the lab in August. Welcome onboard, Jessica!
  • July 28th 2016: Our two photon/confocal system is finally up and running!
  • July 11th 2016: Welcome Ernest Monahan (CAMB @ Penn) for the rotation, the first lab member of the Song Lab!
  • July 1st 2016: Thank Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) at CHOP and Penn for their generous support!
  • June 27th 2016: First animal protocol approved!
  • May 2nd 2016: The Song Lab is officially launched!