Song Laboratory at the Raymond G. Perelman
Center for Cellular & Molecular Therapeutics

Lab photos

May 3 2022: Anushree is ready to move on to the next stage of her career!

June 22 2021: Finally, a lab gathering in a while! Farewell party for Andrew and for Shannon (partially).

April 12 2021: Feng is "flying" away, to start the next chapter of his career!

January 22 2020: Jess's farewell party. Best luck!

Janurary 2020: Time to celebrate!

December 2019: Another year has just slipped away...

December 2018: Christmas party and secret Santa

June 2018: Farewell party...


Dec 2017: Christmas time!


Aug 2017: CTRB5400 joint lab party

May 2017: Post-prelim celebration and lab anniversary.


December 2016: Lab lunch from POD!


August 2016: New home for the flies :)


July 2016: Our two photon/confocal system in motion!


July 2016: First group photo of the Song Lab!


June 2016: It's starting to look like a real lab :)