Song Laboratory at the Raymond G. Perelman
Center for Cellular & Molecular Therapeutics


Glial metabolic reprograming promotes axon regeneration and functional recovery in the central nervous system

Li F, Sami A, Slattery K, Qiu J, Groves T, Wang S, Veerasammy K, Chen YX, Morales J, Hanes P, Sehgal A, He Y, Li S*, and Song Y*. Under review.

Biallelic loss-of-function variants in NUP188 cause a recognizable syndrome characterized by neurologic, ocular and cardiac abnormalities

Muir AM, Cohen JL, Sheppard SE, Guttipatti P, Lo TY, Weed N, Doherty D, Fagerberg C, Kjærsgaard L, Larsen MJ, Wemmenhove-Lohner K, Hirsh Y, Zeevi DA, Zackai EH, Bhoj E, Song Y*, Mefford HC*. In revision. (*Co-corresponding author).

Spatiotemporal optogenetic control of neurotrophin signaling accelerates axon regeneration and functional recovery in the peripheral and central nervous system

Wang Q, Fan H, Li F, Sharum SR, Krishnamurthy V, Song Y*, Zhang K*. Under review. (*Co-corresponding author).

Patterned neuronal activities dictate cell type-specific axon regeneration

Ruppell KT*, Wang F*, Li F*, Shang Y, Gong J, Guttipatti P, Song Y, Xiang Y. Submitted.

The Atr-Chek1 pathway inhibits axon regeneration independent of DNA damage

Li D, Li F, Wang Q, Miles L, Niu J, Lo TY, Goldshteyn J, Wang C, Wang S, Qiu J, Trombley S, Thomas G, Song Y. In revision.

The microtubule regulator ringer functions downstream of the RNA repair/splicing pathway to promote axon regeneration

Monahan Vargas, EJ*, Matamoros AJ*, Qiu J*, Jan CH, Qin Wang, Gorczyca D, Han TW, Weissman JS, Jan YN, Banerjee S and Song Y (2020). Genes Dev Feb 1;34(3-4):194-208.

The mechanosensitive ion channel Piezo inhibits axon regeneration

Song Y*, Li D, Farrelly O, Miles L, Li F, Kim SE, Lo TY, Wang F, Li T, Thompson-Peer KL, Gong J, Murthy SE, Coste B, Yakubovich N, Patapoutian A, Yang X, Rompolas P, Jan LY, Jan YN* (2019). Neuron April 17;102(2):373-389. (*Co-corresponding author).

Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2019) The mechanics of neural regeneration

A Feedforward Mechanism Mediated by Mechanosensitive Ion Channel PIEZO1 and Tissue Mechanics Promotes Glioma Aggression

Chen X, Wanggou S, Bodalia A, Zhu M, Dong W, Fan FJ, Yin WC, Min HK, Hu M, Draghici D, Dou W, Li F, Coutinho FJ, Whetstone H, Kushida M, Dirks P, Song Y, Hui CC, Sun Y, Wang LY, Li X, Huang X (2018). Neuron Nov 21;100(4):799-815.e7.

Targeted Delivery and Tolerability of MRI-Guided CED Infusion into the Cerebellum of NonHuman Primates

Salegio E, Campagna MV, Allen PC, Stockinger DE, Song Y, Hwa GGC (2018). Human Gene Therapy Methods Aug;29(4):169-176.

A Drosophila in vivo injury model for studying neuroregeneration in the peripheral and central nervous system
Li D*, Li F*, Guttipatti P, Song Y (2018). J. Vis. Exp. (135), e57557.

Before the birth of the Song Lab 

Regulation of axon regeneration by the RNA repair/splicing pathway
Song Y, Sretavan D, Salegio EA, Berg J, Huang X, Cheng T, Meltzer S, Han C, Nguyen T, Bresnahan JC, Beattie MS, Jan LY, and Jan YN (2015). Nature Neuroscience 18(6): 817-25.
Highlighted in Nature (2015) A way to regrow nerve fibres
Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2015) Splicing up repair mechanisms

A naturally-monomeric infrared fluorescent protein for protein labeling in vivo
Yu D, Baird MA, Allen JR, Howe ES, Klassen MP, Reade A, Makhijani K, Song Y, Lin S, Murthy Z, Zhang S, Weiner OD, Kornberg TB, Jan YN, Davidson MW, Shu X (2015). Nature Methods 12: 763–765.

Dendritic fragmentation and clearance by phagocytic epidermal cells in Drosophila dendrite pruning and dendrite injury
Han C*, Song Y*, Xiao H, Wang D, Franc N, Jan LY, Jan YN (2014). Neuron 5;81(3): 544-60 (*Co-first author).
Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2014) Epidermal cells eat up dendrites

Female exposure modulates male aggression via a sexually dimorphic GABAergic circuit in Drosophila
Yuan Q*, Song Y*, Yang C, Jan LY, Jan YN (2014). Nature Neuroscience 17(1): 81-8 (*Co-first author).
Highlighted in Nature Reviews Neuroscience (2014) The feminine touch dampens aggression
Highlighted in Nature Neuroscience (2014) How sex prevents violence: the magic of caress (and GABA)

Regeneration of Drosophila sensory neuron axons and dendrites is regulated by the Akt pathway involving Pten and microRNA bantam
Song Y, Ori-McKenney KM, Zheng Y, Han C, Jan LY, Jan YN (2012). Genes Dev 26: 1612-1625.
Highlighted in Genes Dev (2012) No simpler than mammals: axon and dendrite regeneration in Drosophila
Highlighted in F1000 (2012)

mll ortholog containing functional domains of human MLL is expressed throughout the zebrafish lifespan and in haematopoietic tissues
Robinson BW*, Germano G*, Song Y*, Abrams J, Scott M, Guariento I, Tiso N, Argenton F, Basso G, Rhodes J, Kanki JP, Look AT, Balice-Gordon RJ, Felix CA (2011). Br J Haematol 152(3): 307-21 (*Co-first author).

Neural and synaptic defects in slytherin, a zebrafish model for human congenital disorders of glycosylation
Song Y, Willer JR, Scherer PC, Panzer JA, Kugath A, Skordalakes E, Gregg RG, Willer GB, Balice-Gordon RJ (2010). PLoS One 5(10):e13743.
Highlighted in F1000 (2011)

Mechanisms underlying metabolic and neural defects in zebrafish and human multiple acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MADD)
Song Y, Selak MA, Watson CT, Coutts C, Scherer PC, Panzer JA, Gibbs S, Scott M, Willer G, Gregg RG, Ali DW, Bennett MJ and Balice-Gordon RJ (2009). PLoS One 4(12): e8329.

New dogs in the dogma: Lrp4 and Tid1 in neuromuscular synapse formation
Song Y, Balice-Gordon RJ (2008). Neuron 60: 526-8.

Agrin is required for posterior development and axon pathway formation in embryonic zebrafish
Kim M, Liu I, Song Y, Halfter W, Balice-Gordon RJ, Linney E and Cole GJ (2007). Glycobiology 17: 231-47.

Formation and plasticity of neuromuscular synaptic connections
Song Y, Panzer JA, Wyatt RM, Balice-Gordon RJ (2006). International Anesthesiology Clinics 44: 145-78.

In vivo imaging of preferential motor axon outgrowth to and synaptogenesis at prepatterned acetylcholine receptor clusters in embryonic zebrafish skeletal muscle
Panzer JA*, Song Y*, Balice-Gordon RJ (2006). Journal of Neuroscience 18: 934-47 (*Co-first author).
Highlighted in F1000 (2006)

Ca2+-dependent regulation of rho GTPases triggers turning of nerve growth cones
Jin M, Guan CB, Jiang YA, Chen G, Zhao CT, Cui K, Song YQ, Wu CP, Poo MM, Yuan XB (2005). Journal of Neuroscience 25: 2338-2347.

Signaling and crosstalk of Rho GTPases in mediating axon guidance
Yuan XB, Jin M, Xu X, Song YQ, Wu CP, Poo MM, Duan S (2003). Nature Cell Biology 5: 38-45.